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Premium disposable long cuff nitrile gloves purposely built for tactical, hunting, fishing & game cleaning applications.

Shotmastr gloves are ideal for firearms enthusiasts, hunters, fisherman, campers as well as law enforcement & military. Allows for excellent dexterity and works well with smart phones. Our premium quality nitrile gloves protect against environmental elements, foul odors, blood and solvents when out in the field. Keeps hands odor free but also masks human scents from baits, decoys, game cams, clothing & gear. Durable barrier adds a level of safety when field dressing or skinning. Designed specifically to protect against solvents, oils and grease making these perfect for firearms maintenance. These gloves work well for other common household and industrial tasks as well. There are 30 premium gloves in the convenient dispenser box. Designed, manufactured and field tested specifically for tactical applications.

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