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Biohazards. Industrial cleaning supplies. Blood-borne diseases. Cross-contamination in food prep. For every job that deals with biological or chemical risk, there is a need to keep hands safely separated from substances. Consistently. Dependably. All the time.

But even the best manual barrier protection can't do its job if it gets in the way of your job. If it doesn't let your fingertips feel with sensitivity. If it doesn't allow fine motor control at the precise moment you need it.

We're Spring-Fill Industries, and we understand. We're not a typical glove company. We believe the essence, the core, the very heart of what we do is to provide you protection without compromise. That's the way we engineer our high quality gloves, and that's the way our gloves provide you with what you're looking for: Productivity and Safety.


Medical professionals. Food service workers. Law enforcement personnel. Janitors. A wide range of trades are united by their need for strong manual barrier protection. And the only way they will wear their gloves consistently and effectively is if the gloves allow them to use their hands so comfortably, they almost forget they have them on. For this reason, we designed a variety of gloves, each addressing a critical need shared across a multitude of functions. Our formulation features superior puncture/tear resistance plus tremendous tensile strength for extraordinary resiliency, and its exceptionally low modulus composition allows better dexterity, making manual tasks more effortless and making our gloves extremely comfortable for extended wear. Because hands that keep our gloves on are protected and productive.


Spring-Fill Industries' commitment to task safety is embodied in the way we create and test our gloves. Our Test-Driven Optimization system (TDO) is a structured production and testing process designed from the ground up to ensure our gloves provide maximum protection without compromise. From our insistence on using only highest-quality material, to the sensors in our proprietary vulcanizing and compounding processes, to the unyielding quality inspection and tensile testing in our state-of-the-art testing labs, Test-Driven Optimization means Spring-Fill Industries gloves easily meet or exceed the world's most important safety and quality standards and certifications: CE, EN 455, ASTM D-5712,ASTM D-3578-05, ASTM D-6124 and the United States FDA standards and certifications.

Spring-Fill Industries Gloves. Protection without compromise.