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Disposable Household Cleaning Gloves

Protect your hands from unnecessary wear and tear of household cleaning and housekeeping tasks such as light duty chores requiring protection from repetitive contact with cleaning supplies and minimal maintenance tasks in hotels, motels, commercial and office buildings. Spring-Fill’s disposable housekeeping gloves help protect from household chemicals, hot water, unknown substances and more; they are a key component in your cleaning supplies. Our disposable household cleaning gloves are available in vinyl, nitrile, and latex materials in both powder and powder free varieties, and are sold in wholesale quantities. Suitable for everyday cleaning, chores and task.

JobGuard® Vinyl

Multi-Purpose Gloves
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JobGuard® Stretch Vinyl

Multi-Purpose Gloves
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JobGuard® Nitrile

Multi-Purpose Gloves
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JobGuard® XM Latex

Multi-Purpose Gloves
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