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When protection from chemicals is an absolute requirement for safe working conditions and an added peace of mind, Spring-Fill's disposable custodial and janitorial gloves provide the necessary protection and more. Spring-Fill's chemical resistant gloves are available in vinyl, stretch vinyl, blue vinyl, nitrile and latex varieties. It is important to have a strong, reliable barrier between the harsh cleaning chemicals and other dangerous solutions that the janitorial and custodial staff might come in contact with. Vinyl gloves offer protection during the lightest, non-chemical performance duties while nitrile gloves are an latex-free alternative, perfect for duties requiring chemical and fluid resistance. Our line of disposable latex gloves for the janitorial industry are a natural rubber product, providing multi-substance resistance with outstanding strength and superior gripping ability. Our custodial gloves are available in the powder and powder free varieties. Call today for more information on our disposable janitorial and custodial gloves at wholesale prices!

JobGuard® Vinyl

Multi-Purpose Gloves
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JobGuard® Stretch Vinyl

Multi-Purpose Gloves
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JobGuard® Blue Vinyl

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