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FirstCare® Latex Examination Gloves

Spring-Fill Gloves delivers the industry's best latex exam gloves at wholesale prices and quantities. Our exclusive line of medical latex gloves are manufactured using premium natural rubber latex. These exam gloves are single-use only and available in both powder and powder-free varieties. FirstCare® latex exam gloves exceeds FDA requirements, ASTM standards and more. Our latex exam gloves are traditionally naturally color and available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes.

Latex Exam Gloves Characteristics
Material: Premium Natural Rubber Latex
Type: Non-Sterile
Usage: For Single Use Only
Shape: Ambidextrous
Cuff: Inverted, Beaded Cuff
Color: Natural
Standards: Meets or Exceeds FDA Requirements, EN, ASTM Standards, CE
Available in: Powder or Powder-Free

In healthcare, emergency work, scientific research, or other clinical settings, you need barrier protection that delivers the highest standards of reliability. Consistently. You need firstcare®.

Firstcare® delivers the most reliable latex glove protection for people who absolutely need to avoid bodily fluids, pathogens, or contamination. These wholesale latex exam gloves have outstanding tensile strength and resilience, which means a firstcare® latex glove keeps its integrity even during the most physically demanding tasks. Low modulus and high elasticity allows for a true fit, giving hands the widest range of motion for intricate procedures while also minimizing hand fatigue. And the extremely low 1.5 AQL means you can be confident about its consistent protection, glove after glove. Whenever high clinical standards for safety are paramount, you’ll be glad you have firstcare® at hand, ready to protect.

Latex Glove Description: FirstCare Latex Glove Advantages: FirstCare Latex Glove Applications:
  • Snug Fit
  • Rolled, beaded cuff
  • Natural Rubber Material
  • Superior Gripping Ability
  • Outstanding Tensile Strength
  • Available in Sizes
    Small to Extra Large
  • Natural Color
  • Highest Reliability for
    Substance Resistance
  • Lightly Powdered
  • Powder Free
  • Single Extended Use
  • Multi Substance Resistance
  • Ambidextrous

Snapshots of some potential Firstcare® users* at work:

  • A pathologist examining a new tissue sample.
  • A doctor performing an exam of a lump in a patient's arm.
  • A dental lab technician making a new crown.
  • A nursing home aid washing an infirm resident's head.

Specifications (PDF)
* Please consult your company policy to determine the appropriate glove for a given application.

TDO:TESTED Like all Spring-Fill Gloves gloves, firstcare® is the product of Test-Driven Optimization (TDO), our structured production and testing process to ensure our formulation of NRL provides you with maximum protection without compromise.

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