Blue Vinyl Disposable Gloves

Jobguard® Blue Vinyl Multi-Purpose Gloves

In a work environment like food service, where you may want to avoid latex but still need tough, dependable manual barrier protection coupled with a natural form factor for excellent dexterity, you need Jobguard® Blue Vinyl.

Blue Vinyl Characteristics
Material: Polyvinyl Chloride (100% Latex Free)
Type: Non-Sterile, Ambidextrous
Usage: For Single Use Only
Cuff: Inverted, Beaded Cuff
Color: Blue
Standards: Meets or Exceeds FFDCA Requirements for Food Contact, ASTM Standards
Available in: Powder or Powder-Free

Exceeding FFDCA requirements, our blue vinyl food service gloves are available in powder and powder free varieties. They are an effective blend of strength and flexibility, Jobguard® Blue Vinyl disposable gloves are your ally in providing safe, reliable products and services and maintaining healthy working conditions. Its formulation of Polyvinyl Chloride resin (PVC) excels at withstanding the typical alcohols and fats commonly encountered in food preparation. Its ergonomic, hand-fitting design ensures that tasks requiring precise gripping control can be carried out safely and successfully. And its thickness is precisely calibrated to provide both superior protection and excellent touch sensitivity. When you need outstanding latex-free barrier protection for a wide set of applications, Jobguard® disposable blue vinyl gloves provide protection without compromise at wholesale quantities.

Snapshots of some potential Jobguard® Vinyl users* at work:

  • A shipment of processed apples arrives in the dock for tranfer to the vat.
  • An in-line processor moves product from a mixing station to packaging.
  • A quality control inspector culls potatoes.

Specifications (PDF)
* Please consult your company policy to determine the appropriate glove for a given application.

TDO:TESTED Like every Spring-Fill Gloves glove, Jobguard® Blue Vinyl is manufactured using Test-Driven Optimization , our system of exacting specifications, ensuring our formulation of PVC provides maximum protection without compromise.

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